Irrigation Customers We Can Save you Money!!

Many older irrigation systems were improperly designed causing valuable water to be wasted. Along with the newer advances in technology we can better water your yard and waste less water saving you money. Some municipalities will keep you usage tier in the lower category just by having an approved smart irrigation controller installed. This could save you almost half on your billable unit price. Call to find out details about these money savings programs.

Ways we can improve your irrigation system efficiency.

  • Conduct Irrigation Audit on your system to determine water usage and possible leaks
  • Change out irrigation heads to water your yard more appropriately, and replace leaky heads. Many spray nozzles deliver too much water too quickly to get absorbed in the soil, causing runoff and wasted water.
  • Installing smart weather based irrigation controllers. Even if your municipality does not offer the reduced rate incentive, smart controllers are designed to only water when needed, reducing the excess water usage, and saving money.
  • Installing rain sensors, weather stations, and ground moisture sensors. All of these add to the function ability of a smart irrigation controller by monitoring real time weather and ground conditions, applying water only when needed.
  • Analyzing irrigation programing and adjusting programing to current soil conditions and climates. Many soil conditions can only absorb a small amount of water before run off takes place. By properly programing the controller we can water properly to prevent runoff and improve the yards water absorption. 

All of these are just some of the ways that we can save you money with your irrigation system. The total savings will more then cover the initial cost to up fit your existing irrigation system to a efficient watering machine saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Perfect Cut Landscaping is a Partner in the EPA's Water Sense program where we strive to save water and protect the environment everyday.



View EPA's Water sense Sprinkler Spruce Up Site for more Ideas to save you Money with your Irrigation System!!!

EPA WaterSense also has a Short Video on 4 ways to Save Money. Call us today so we can help you save lots of money in the long run!!