Warranty Information


Perfect Cut Landscaping and Irrigation warrants the following products and services;


·     Irrigation Systems:


o  Parts and Labor 1 year from installation on new systems. We do not warrant equipment against lightning damage, or any lines cut by other contractors. Perfect Cut Landscaping does not warrant against freezing or any other act of nature. When digging in yards Perfect Cut Landscaping and Irrigation will repair any damaged utility lines damaged by our digging when the lines are properly marked which includes marked private lines. It is not the responsibility of Perfect Cut Landscaping and Irrigation to locate lines this is the homeowner’s responsibility.


·     Seeding:


o  Perfect Cut Landscaping uses certified seed we cannot guarantee seed germination do to the watering requirements and maintenance needed after the seed has been installed. Seed will be installed according to local standard practices. We can also not control weeds that sprout after seed has been sowed. Seed is certified weed free.


·     Trees and Shrubs:


o  Perfect Cut Landscaping and Irrigation will warrant trees and shrubs 1 year from the installation date for plants and labor if plants are being cared for with in-ground automatic irrigation set properly. Plants without in-ground automatic irrigation will be warranted for 1 year labor only as we cannot control the proper care for the plants, homeowner will be responsible for cost of the replacement plants.


·     Sod Installation:


o  Perfect Cut Landscaping and Irrigation guarantees that the sod will be installed properly and secured with staples to prevent unwanted movement. Sod is certified and once occupant accepts installation of sod no further warranty will exist at installation. We cannot control proper watering, fungus development, or insect damage as these things can be present in the soil prior to installation, or the improper care of installed sod.


·     Landscape Lighting:


o  Perfect Cut Landscaping and Irrigation warrants parts and wiring for 1 year parts and labor on new systems. Light bulbs are not included in warranty as they are considered a maintenance item. Perfect Cut Landscaping is not responsible for any fires related to landscape lighting due to improperly installed pine needles or mulch after our initial installation. Lights should be free from plants, trees, mulch, and pine needles.


Any worked scheduled for us to complete is understood that the homeowner/occupant understands and agrees with the terms of our warranted information.